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Our buffets are freshly prepared on the day of delivery to ensure that your buffet is of the highest quality. This page contains our standard buffet menus, however, if you wish to mix and match elements from different menus, add to or take something away from a menu (this is something we often do for our customers) then please contact us and we will design a bespoke buffet according to your requirements.

Delivery of our buffets is free in the M28 postcode area. For other areas, please contact us for a quote. We are happy to do buffets on a Sunday, however these are subject to a minimum order value and may incur a small surcharge.

Menu 1  Sausage Roll, Selection of Sandwiches, Selection of Cakes: £4.00 per person
Menu 2  Sausage Roll, Quiche, Selection of Salads, Selection of Sandwiches, Selection of Cakes: £5.50 per person
Menu 3  Sausage Roll or Dinky Pie,Chicken Drumsticks, Quiche, Crisps, Selection of Salads, Selection of Sandwiches, Selection of Cakes: £6.25 per person
Platters  Sandwiches £2.50 per person,  Mini Pasties £0.75 pp,  Vol-au-vents £0.75 pp,  Quiche £1.00 pp,  Whist Pies £0.80 pp,  Mini Sausage Rolls £0.60 pp,  Large Salad Platter £8.00 each, Cream Cakes £1.15, Fresh Whole Salmon Fillet £30.00 (Serves 15 – 20) Cheese Platter £15.00 (Serves 10 – 15)

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